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Mara is the first comic from Stuffed Rock Studio, about the titular character, Mara. Follow her on an adventure that takes her from her little fishing village to the far reaches of the world!

The Writer

Dylan Goss is a software engineer by occupation, and storyteller at heart. Of all the stories he's told, that of Mara has been the best received. So, he decided to bring that story to a wider audience.

The Illustrator

Rosi Woo, an artist/animator from Taiwan.

Enjoys study history and traditional cultures.

Loves fantasy stories, and making animations and illustrations.

Instagram: @rosiwoo

Chinese and Spanish Translator

Gregory Thorpe Badrena, translator from Puerto Rico currently in Taiwan. Geography, history and how these two affect languages take up quite a bit of his time. Hiking, as well. Can't get enough of those trails and streams.

Portuguese Translator

Rogerio Rios is a professional advertising Illustrator since 2012. Currently he is venturing into comics, taking part in a project called Heel Turn. He also performs as a translator and interpreter for architecture articles and events in Brazil.

Want to support the comic?

There are a lot of ways you can help! We have a Store where you can pick up Mara merch. There's also a Patreon where you can gain access to an exclusive Discord server, early comics, or even sketches and early concept art. If you'd rather do a one time donation, we also have Ko-fi.

You can also support the comic for free by voting for us on Top Webcomics and sharing it with your friends. Mara will never be behind a paywall.

Contact Us

Media inquiries can be sent to media@stuffedrock.com. All other inquiries can be directed to our social media pages.

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